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Modalert is a generic form of Modafinil, designed to increase alertness, improve concentration and help you focus on tasks for longer.

Modalert is available from Modafinil360 in the standard 200 mg size. They all come with a crease down the middle so you can easily break them in half to control your dose.

Modalert is most prescribed to treat narcolepsy or ADD/ADHD, but the rumour is it was used by the special forces in the US military to maintain alertness. Modalert can also be used when studying to eliminate mental fatigue and facilitates enhanced focus.

Side effects

Generally, it is rare to experience side effects from taking Modalert, and if side effects do occur, they’re likely to be mild. Possible side effects include stomach upset, nausea, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, insomnia and rashes. If you do encounter any side effects from using Modalert, you can try reducing your dose.

Modalert is for anyone looking for a way to increase their focus and improve their cognitive performance.

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Starter (50 pills), Regular (100 pills), Professional (200 pills), Executive (400 pills)


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